Cheap Rooms in Las Vegas Hotels

Cheap Rooms in Las Vegas Hotels

Most people prefer a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, but don’t want to spend too much. However, the fact is that cost of hotels and motels is more expensive on weekends than weekdays. If you are looking for a comfortable, budget friendly hotel stays with all modern amenities, it is better to stay in downtown Las Vegas instead of The Strip. 

Additionally, you might want to avoid the weekends and vacation during the week to make it more affordable. If you are looking for cheap rooms in Las Vegas, how about booking a stay at the Downtowner? 

Select Your Vacation Dates

Though Las Vegas is a busy city all through the year, but there are more visitors over Spring break, Christmas and New Year. Additionally, there are conferences and events scheduled through the year. Thus, if you are exploring for cheap rooms in Las Vegas hotels, avoid this time to plan your vacation. That is because motels and hotels become expensive during these durations, so check the prices before you plan. 

Though motels have cheap rooms, but lack many amenities and comfort than boutique hotels offer. That is why selecting a hotel accommodation that offers fitness center, salons and spas, room service, Wi-Fi, onsite pubs and restaurants, and more. Although you’d find plenty of advertisements about cheap rooms in Las Vegas with a lot of amenities but it might be far from the crowd and you’ll need to walk a distance to find such a place. But when you stay at Downtowner, you’d be right up close to The Strip yet away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Additionally, our vintage boutique hotel is located close to walking distance from the casinos and Fremont Street Experience.


Shopping for the Best Room Rates

You might look online and see the number of hotels in the downtown area. Each online hotel booking website has a different price quote. That is why it is always better to compare the prices on multiple websites or call and ask to find the best hotel room prices. If you find that the prices are quite the same, it helps to book directly with the hotel as you get to enjoy a lot of freebies and discounts.  

Enjoy Bargains

It isn’t difficult to find the best cheap rooms in Las Vegas and still have an enjoyable time. Here are some quick tips:

  • Avoid weekends and stay during weekdays
  • Shop and compare before boking the hotel
  • Stay in Downtown Las Vegas instead of at mega resort hotels at The Strip
  • Sign up for Rewards Program at hotels to enjoy more amenities or to save money on your next trip
  • Staying at retro boutique hotels, such as Downtowner give you the best return on your money while you enjoy old Vegas charms  

However, it is important that you plan your visit in advance and make a booking as early as possible to get the best cheap rooms in Las Vegas. Your budget might not allow you to stay at posh hotels on The Strip, yet when you stay at the Downtowner, you get the best amenities and personalized services within your budget. 

Call Downtowner today at (702) 553-2553 to book your stay or to get more information about our hotel and other services. We look forward to having you stay with us and enjoy your vacation in Las Vegas.