4 Day Trips To Consider When Staying In Downtown Las Vegas

As the old saying goes, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” However, that doesn’t mean you have to when visiting the city. If you want a break from all the entertainment venues and the gambling on The Strip or in Downtown, here are 4-day trips that will add some variety to your Las Vegas agenda.

Hoover Dam – distance from Downtowner Boutique Hotel – 36.8 mi.

Roughly 3,000 people visit this 726 ft. tall architectural marvel every day of the year. Hoover dam was constructed during the Great Depression between 1931 and 1936 for flood control, the production of electricity, and to provide water for irrigation purposes. Furthermore, you can take in stunning views of the Black Canyon, Colorado River, and Lake Mead as well as the dam from the overlook.

Lake Mead – distance from Downtowner Boutique Hotel – 32 mi.

If you want to enjoy the sunshine and water while working on your tan, a drive to Lake Mead makes for an ideal day trip. This man-made lake is the perfect year-round venue for boating, hiking, jet, skiing, and swimming. Plus, there’s 820 miles of shoreline for lounging around and numerous shaded spots for picnics. You’ll also be treated to some astounding views of bighorn sheep, Joshua trees, lava hills, and red sandstone rocks.

Red Rock Canyon – distance from Downtowner Boutique Hotel – 16.6 mi.

Whether you want to tackle a long hike or a quick joint through nature, Red Rock Canyon offers 19 hiking trails ranging from relatively easy to difficult. Besides the thousands of plants and wildlife species, other highlights include the stunning rock formations and wild tortoises. Depending on the time of year that you visit the canyon, there are events such as bird watching and guided hikes to enjoy as well. Your guide will give you a tour.

Valley of Fire – distance from Downtowner Boutique Hotel – 46.1 mi.

Situated northeast of Las Vegas and just 6 miles from Lake Mead is The Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest state park. The park offers outstanding opportunities for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers. It’s also the historic site where the Anasazi Pueblo farmers and Basket Maker people once flourished. There are areas of the park where you can see the rock art created by prehistoric civilizations as well as picnic areas and trails situated throughout the red sandstone landscape.

All of these day trips can easily be enjoyed when staying at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel. For more information, call us today at (702) 553-2553. Our business representatives are here to assist you with your queries and can book a room for your stay. Call us now.

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