6 Reasons That Make Staying In Downtown Las Vegas Worth It

Maybe we’re somewhat biased, but the staff here at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel thinks that partying and staying in downtown Las Vegas is better than The Strip. From its unique character and personality to the expanding dining and shopping venues, here are 6 reasons why staying in Downtown Las Vegas is always worth it:

Downtown is becoming a hub for dining and drinking – let the celebrity chefs on The Strip impress you all you want, but downtown Las Vegas has an abundance of world-class bartenders and chefs who make every single drink and entrée one to remember, all of which are provided without any pretentious vibes.

Enjoy a world-class betting scene – no matter which casino or sportsbook you decide to visit, most tend to favor the bettor more than the ones on The Strip. While the huge casinos on The Strip may offer a lot of excitement, you’re not going to see the payouts that you will in Downtown Las Vegas. Plus, daily minimums are usually lower as well.

Experience a more welcoming vibe – unlike being just a number on The Strip, you’ll be treated more like a guest in Downtown Las Vegas and enjoy a more personalized experience. Furthermore, you’ll always find bartenders, dealers, servers, and even some of the CEO’s that really do care about you. With plenty of boutique hotels dotting the area, you can have the same comforts of large hotels on The Strip at half the price and more personalized attention.

It’s continually growing – as much as the downtown area is rich in history, its future is looking even brighter. With its huge casinos, luxury stores, and mega resorts, The Strip has quite a bit going for it. However, the continued expansion and growth of Downtown Las Vegas generates all the excitement you could during its revitalization.

There’s always a show going on – the Fremont Street Experience is one of the largest perennial attractions in the downtown area. Granted, there’s always plenty to see and do on The Strip. However, you have to purchase tickets to almost every show and go indoors to see the real entertainment.

You’re surrounded by history – locals and visitors alike know that it all started here in Downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street has been in existence since Vegas was founded in 1905 and was the city’s first paved street as of 1925. So, it’s easy to see why the downtown area is the focal point of Las Vegas’ history.

If you’re looking for a place is filled with character, entertainment, and plenty of leisure options, but without all the pretentiousness, stay in Downtown Las Vegas at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel. Call (702) 553-2553 to book your room today.

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