Debunking The 5 Myths of Boutique Hotels

The bright lights and excitement of the Las Vegas Strip holds a special allure for first-time and repeat visitors alike. Yet there are times when spending your entire visit in that environment can be overwhelming and you just want to take a little break and relax in a more peaceful atmosphere. If that’s the case, why not consider staying at a boutique hotel the next time you visit Las Vegas? With many boutique hotels dotting the Downtown area in Las Vegas, you can stay in a lap of luxury yet enjoy all the comforts of a big chain hotel at half the cost.

There are certain advantages that boutique hotels have over the larger chain hotels and resort hotels on The Strip including:

• broad range of things to do
• extensive attention to design details
• individualized, unique character
• located in cultural, fashionable, or historic areas
• more personalized services
• smaller overall size

Unfortunately, there are several myths about boutique hotels that occasionally rear their ugly heads and must be dispelled. Here are the 5 most common ones and the real truth in the matter:

• All boutique hotels are expensive – FALSE. While it’s true that boutique hotel rates vary from one establishment to the next, you’ll usually pay less for those accommodations than you would by staying at the luxury and resort hotels situated on The Strip. However, the boutique hotel experience will usually be more unique.

• All boutique hotels are rated “adults only” – FALSE. While some boutique hotels recommend that guests not bring their children, roughly 50% of them are family-friendly and even have areas dedicated for families.

• All boutique hotels are styled the same – FALSE. No two boutique hotels are alike. One of the characteristics that separate boutique hotels from the chain and larger resort hotels on The Strip is their unique interior décor and overall design. Additionally, they often vary in the number of rooms they have, but most have no more than 100 rooms.

• All boutique hotels cater more to US citizens than visitors from other countries – FALSE. The Las Vegas economy not only depends on US visitors but guests from other countries as well. In fact, the most recent statistics show that 133,000 individuals or 20.4% of all Las Vegas residents were born in other countries.

• Boutique hotels can’t provide the same amenities as the larger chain and resort hotels on The Strip – FALSE. You’ll often find that boutique hotels provide more of the standard hotel amenities than those establishments. They also offer more personalized services than what you’ll typically find when staying on The Strip.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing and unique hotel experience on your next visit to Las Vegas, book your reservation at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel by contacting us at (702) 553-2553 today.

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