Why Booking a Room Downtown is Better Part 3: The Container Park

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Booking a vacation to Las Vegas? Consider a fresh look on the city by staying in downtown instead at the Oasis hotel at Gold Spike.

In our continuing series on Why Booking a Room Downtown is Better, we list a few of the top attractions of Las Vegas that makes the downtown culture so unique and a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. Last week we talked about the very cool and historic Neon and Mob Museums. This week we talk about a very special place: The Container Park.

The Container Park is an open air shopping center that is host to several locally owned boutiques and restaurants. But it’s so much more than that.

At first sight, one cannot tear their eyes from the entrance to the park. A 35 foot tall praying mantis sculpture sits atop an old army tank and spouts fire from his antennae. Next to him is the Catalyst Dome— a 360 degree video projection theater. A glance up from there will lead one to see that the bulk of the park is made up of shipping containers stacked three stories high. Each business and boutique runs its business within the size of one shipping container. The park is built in a loose oval shape. In the middle of the park is a large play area for children with interactive games, a huge treehouse and a slide that’s 33 feet tall.

The shipping containers hold 39 small boutiques with clothing, food and drinks, jewelry, toys, art, candy, cupcakes, and even a BBQ joint. This park is unlike anything most people have seen. There’s a little something for everyone here.

In the back of the park is a grassy area with tables and chairs and a large stage. Free concerts, movies and more are held onstage on weekends. While the park is kid friendly by day, after 9 p.m. the park only admits adults ages 21 and over, so be sure to bring your ID. It’s a time when the adults can drink, grab a hot dog from Cheffini’s and take a ride down the 3 stories tall slide themselves. However, there are a few rules. No outside food or drink and no pets (save for service animals) and one quirky exception: llamas. Why you ask? Why not?

The park prides itself on only housing tenants with small businesses. When you enter a shop, you will most likely be greeted and helped by the owner. They want to make you feel welcome; not only to help their business be a success, but the park as a whole as well. The park has only one entrance, which is guarded by security, so you can feel free to let your teens wander the shops while your children play in The Treehouse while keeping an eye on everyone and not worrying about their safety.

The park is located at 707 Fremont Street. Outside of the park there are other small restaurants and bars to explore. Don’t miss the many art murals painted on neighboring buildings. You can park at the Container Park Lot across the street for $2/hour with a flat rate of $10 on nights and weekends, or the Llama Lot, a block and a half from the park for $1/hour or a flat rate of $6 on nights and weekends. They are open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m.-11 p.m., and open Fridays and Saturdays 11am-1am. Visit their website at downtowncontainerpark.com for more details about the park and their calendar of events.

If you want to experience Las Vegas like a local, downtown is the new stomping ground. The Container Park is giving small business owners a chance to thrive and build the economy while doing it in a fun, sustainable and quirky way.

To plan your stay in Downtown Las Vegas, book a room at the Oasis to be within easy walking distance of The Container Park and other downtown events. If you love the quirky and fun business model of the Container Park, you’ll love the Oasis Hotel at Gold Spike.

With each “crash pad” individually designed and decorated, the boutique hotel strives to be one of a kind. Hang out in “The Living Room” or check out “The Backyard” where you can play classic games like Cornhole while you enjoy a cocktail (hint: try our Bloody Mary!). Your stay in downtown will bring unique and memorable experiences for years to come. Book us now! What are you waiting for?

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