Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels

There’s something to be said for a more intimate experience when it comes to a hotel experience. Large chain hotels are often overcrowded and monotonous. Once you’ve been in one, you could have been in any, regardless of where the hotel is located. You don’t get that with a small boutique hotel. That’s why there’s such a strong market for small boutique hotels. Some consumers want a more personable experience at a location that feels homey with staff that actually care about the customers they have.

Although there are many people that prefer the popular hotels and stay at The Strip, but if you are looking for something that is more personalized and has an old-world charm, staying in the Downtown area is exciting. It was in 1980s that the term ‘boutique hotels’ was coined and that refers to its unique style, cool ambience, retro charm and small sized hotel that offers a more personalized service. 

Popularity of Las Vegas hotels

In the Las Vegas area, there is a big market for boutique hotels. This might be surprising since there are so many big chain hotels in the area, as well. But Las Vegas boutique hotels offer an experience not often experienced in the chain hotels. Features like manicured gardens, full-service spas and other perks make Las Vegas boutique hotels very popular.

One of the boutique hotels that is really making an impact is the retro-chic Downtowner Boutique Hotel, with ultra-modern rooms featuring metal furniture and turntables that play real records, which can be found in the lobby. This restaurant is considered top luxury with creative, comfortable rooms, high end amenities and excellent service. It’s considered one of the best places to stay in Las Vegas, and patrons are rarely disappointed saying that they get more than what they paid for the experience of the Downtowner.  It is hardly 2 miles from the Strip and 10 minutes’ walk takes you to the exciting Fremont Street Experience.

Unique experience and enjoyable stay

Downtowner is a boutique hotel that is designed to invigorate travelers with essential amenities every discerning patron would want, along with impeccable service. For example, the hotel offers the convenience of express check-ins and check-outs, laundry service, luggage storage and a vending machine for late night cravings. The rooms have wi-fi, large flat-screen TVs, spa-like showers and comfortable sofas in the suites.

The stay here is a unique experience for the discerning traveler, The rooms are remodeled and combine retro with modern décor to create an eclectic environment to the downtown Las Vegas hotel. A stone’s throw away from the Fremont Street, with plenty of opportunities for shopping, gaming and entertainment. The sophisticated atmosphere of the hotel also offers celebrity chef dining and a digital concierge.

Boutique hotels are usually more artistic than chain hotels. With a boutique hotel, you’ll have an experience that stands apart from the plain and normal. If you’d like to experience a spectacular getaway, complete with unconventional rooms and suites and one-of-a-kind décor, close to Vegas nightlife, be sure to check out this boutique hotel.

For those who like to eat out, there are plenty of well-place restaurants by the boutique hotel. Casinos and a vibrant nightlife mean staying here is the perfect break from a busy life. There are also multiple sightseeing options which you can enjoy without having to go too far from the hotel 

Amenities and décor

If you’re looking for an even more luxurious experience, there are trendy rooms, perfect for single occupancy or even large groups. At the boutique hotel, you don’t even have to give up your fitness or active living since the hotel has a 24-hour fitness center and bike rentals. Expect top comfort and modern features. The televisions have LCD/plasma screens, large, soft towels, clear mirrors and lush carpeting. If you need help finding something to do for fun, the hotel will provide a complete list of recreational facilities. 

Appeals to guests

Most of the boutique hotels provide their guests with a more personalized service that most commercial chain of hotels doesn’t offer at The Strip. Here are some reasons why people boutique hotels over large mega resorts:

  • Boutique hotels appeal to those looking for specific interests and needs. Each hotel has its own unique history and charm. 
  • Boutique hotels offer their guests all the information about the neighborhood and local areas to explore and facilitate ease of access by bike rentals 
  • The location of boutique hotels allows for exploring the local cultural and entertainment venues.  

For many travelers and vacationers, the boutique hotels format in Las Vegas is the ideal lodging experience.  Needless to say, it’s the perfect compromise if you don’t have the budget for a 5-star resort hotel but still want your own private space. With well-equipped rooms to being in the vicinity of The Strip, staying at Downtowner would be a memorable experience. 

Staying at the Downtowner

With 3 buildings and over 88 renovated rooms, Downtowner is the perfect getaway in Las Vegas. The popular Fairway rooms in the main building were renovated completely in 2019, while the Wylde and The Clubhouse has been re-done aesthetically. A 6-hole mini golf course adds to the enjoyment of the guests.  

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