Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Downtown Las Vegas has lots of perks for the discerning traveler looking for some fun and adventure. The area is often referred to as “DTLV”, and is the go-to location for anyone who is looking to take a break from the busyness of The Strip with all of its lights, partygoers and raucous atmosphere. DTLV serves as the city’s central business district as well as its historical center.

Before the time of the well-known The Strip, downtown Las Vegas served as the city’s gambling district. It’s the urban core of Las Vegas Valley and also features government institutions, historical buildings, cultural centers, high rises, and an interesting collection of hotels and resorts to cater to almost any taste. The boundaries of DTLV are:

  • North – Washington Ave.
  • South – Sahara Ave.
  • East – Maryland Parkway
  • West – Interstate 15

While there are lots of advantages to visiting The Strip with all of its gambling opportunities, DTLV is a gem that not everyone thinks to visit. If you’re looking for some history with your fun, as well as a less commercial busy environment, then the downtown area may be your best choice.

If we could sum up the advantages DTLV has over The Strip into a mere five points, they would be:

  1. There are many opportunities to meet and interact with locals giving visiting an authentic Las Vegas visit.
  2. There’s classic charm combined with a more relaxed environment.
  3. Table minimums are very affordable, and the odds are better.
  4. Foot traffic between bars, casinos and restaurants is manageable and it’s easier to walk between these venues.
  5. There are numerous cultural attractions, museums and theaters.

Pick Downtown Las Vegas Over The Strip

Anyone who has been to or heard of The Strip is aware that there are many high dollar accommodations in the area. Sometimes this is what people go there to experience. Downtown Las Vegas is a bit different and worthwhile exploring. You’ll be close to numerous attractions with almost any accommodations you choose. If you like to gamble, there are plenty of opportunities to do that in DTLV. Numerous casinos are in the area often with the appeal of the area’s signature old-school vibe. 

Here’s a look at some of the other ways staying downtown is different from The Strip.

  • You’ll save money while still having a great getaway. The Strip can be expensive. Downtown provides better value for the money you spend. If affordability is a consideration, the Downtown Las Vegas is the place to be.

Many hotels downtown have hotels that feature loyalty programs so there’s the opportunity to save more money. As of now, the average cost of a room in The Strip is a minimum of $139. And that’s the cost for low peak times. The price goes higher on the weekends. In DTLV, for the same days, the cost of a room is $70 a night on average.

  • You’ll get better gambling values in Downtown Las Vegas. In the Strip, casino costs are expensive with minimums starting between $15 to $25. The casinos in Downtown Las Vegas, such as on Fremont Street, have minimums of $5 to $10. 

Since the area is smaller and less commercialized, you’ll likely find that the tables are more player-friendly in DTLV, and the slot machines are easier to play as well. Video poker games, another popular gambling option, are looser as well.

Tips for Choosing Hotel or Motel Accommodations in DTLV

You might not know this yet, but you’ll discover soon enough that there are literally thousands of hotel and motel options in Las Vegas. More than 150,000 to be closer to exact. With this many options, choosing the best accommodations for your needs can be overwhelming.

The hotels in The Strip have outstanding amenities. So do some of the hotels in downtown Las Vegas. What you choose depends on what you are looking for in accommodations. Ask yourself what you are looking for in the following areas:

  • Budget – if budget is your primary concern, the downtown area is very budget-friendly.  There are no additional resort fees common in The Strip.
  • Activities and exploration – Do you want more of the same or something different. DTLV provides different options.
  • Luxury – DTLV focus is allowing visitors the full experience of the historic area. If you’re more interested in a spa experience, and have the budget for it, The Strip is your best option.
  • Family – Traveling with children? Downtown Las Vegas is family friendly without the risk of any adult-only shows.

Staying at the Downtowner

Make your stay memorable by staying at the Downtowner in downtown Las Vegas this time. Our hotel sits about 2 miles from The Strip while you can take a quick 10 minutes’ walk to enjoy the non-stop entertainment at the Fremont Street Experience. 

Completely renovated and aesthetically decorated, this beautiful retro boutique hotel is flush with modern facilities. Comprising of 3 buildings and 88 rooms, Downtowner has managed to perfectly blend the modern amenities yet been able to capture the essence of the vintage hotel. Guests enjoy a 6-hole mini-golf course, LCD screen televisions, lush carpeting, 24/7 fitness center and bike rentals. With express check outs and check-ins, laundry services and luggage storage for our guest’s convenience. 

With close proximity to all the entertainment venues and non-stop fun, explore the Downtown and party all night at The Strip, while you stay at our small boutique hotel. Call Downtowner today to know more about our services or to make a booking. Call us at  (702) 553-2553.