6 Mistakes to avoid when visiting Las Vegas

The Strip in Las Vegas is visited by more than 40 million people every year and is a world-famous destination featuring numerous attractions including casinos, mega resort hotels, and top-billed entertainment. This 4-mile stretch encompasses most of the downtown area and is lined with hundreds of bars, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, and theaters making it one of the country’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares. Unfortunately, it is also an area where you need to look out for your own personal safety in order to avoid being the target of a violent crime.

What are the Top Dangers to be aware of?

As a pedestrian, walking The Strip can be an enjoyable adventure. However, you should always expect the unexpected and be prepared by understanding the 8 most common dangers that could befall you in this area of Las Vegas, including:

  • aggressive drivers
  • criminals
  • distracted drivers
  • drunk drivers
  • Inebriated pedestrians
  • poorly designed pedestrian paths
  • slip and fall accidents
  • unsafe sidewalks and streets

From criminals who steal purses and wallets to pedestrian–vehicle accidents, these are the most common calamities you need to watch out for. However, this is something you’d need to watch out for in most cities and not just Las Vegas.

What not to do when visiting Las Vegas

When walking on The Strip, keep to areas that are well lit, stay in a group, and travel with someone who is responsible and sober. Additionally, avoid carrying a purse as this could make you a target. In addition to these tips, you can protect yourself from being a victim by avoiding these 6 mistakes:

  • DON’T buy food from street vendors – the majority of these individuals DO NOT HAVE FOOD LICENSES and don’t adhere to food safety standards.
  • DON’T drive or ride a bicycle while under the influence – driving or riding drunk in Las Vegas is asking for trouble. Play it safe and use the monorail, Lyft, or Uber.
  • DON’T get overheated – if you plan on hitting The Strip during daytime, temps often exceed 100°. So stay hydrated and think about taking a cab instead.
  • DON’T jaywalk – not only is this dangerous, it’s illegal and carries a minimum fine of $350 for each offense.
  • DON’T venture too far off The Strip – while The Strip is public, relatively safe, and very well-lit, areas off of it may not be.
  • DON’T walk when intoxicated – if you’re feeling the slightest bit tipsy, catch a safe ride back to your hotel or motel, to avoid any accident.

For additional information about staying safe while in Las Vegas or to enjoy a unique hotel guest experience, call the Downtowner Boutique Hotel at (702) 553-2553 today.

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