Why Stay In Downtown Las Vegas Instead of On The Strip?

If you think back 10 to 15 years ago, the question of where to rent a hotel room when visiting Las Vegas would have gotten you a lot of skewed looks. Chances are, you would’ve been encouraged by relatives and friends to stay somewhere on The Strip. And why not? The Strip had all the big resort hotels and fancy casinos as well as the celebrity chef restaurants and upscale shopping venues.

More importantly, The Strip offered you that “only in Las Vegas” experience; that specific “cool factor” that you couldn’t find anywhere else in town. But then, everything changed in 2012 when downtown Las Vegas underwent a major revitalization project. All of a sudden, downtown was once again a hip place to be. Even better was the fact that it was way more affordable than The Strip. Overnight, The Strip was no longer the only game in town. Downtown was more affordable and retained its old world charm that attracted innumerable tourist all through the year.

Pros and Cons of Downtown Las Vegas vs. The Strip

While budget and entertainment preferences are key considerations when trying to decide between staying downtown versus on The Strip, here are some pros and cons of each to take into consideration:

• The Strip is all about that one-of-a-kind experience or as we like to call it the “WOW Factor.” Then there’s the vast variety of dining options. Conversely, everything is too spread out and the prices are considerably higher. If your budget permits it and you have the funds to spend, you can afford The Strip.

• Downtown, on the other hand is all about affordability where the bars and hotel rooms are concerned. Furthermore, downtown is much more pedestrian-friendly. Where the cons of the downtown area are concerned, the casinos are older and smaller. Plus the downtown area is not overly kid-friendly.

What you want to remember is that the downtown area is a much better value than The Strip where the rooms are nearly twice as costly on average, food is more expensive, and the gambling minimums are higher as well. But, there are other perks to staying downtown as well including:

• Although celebrity chefs have set up on The Strip, dozens of world-class bartenders and chefs can be found downtown
• Downtown’s vibe is more personalized and welcoming than The Strip
• FREE outdoor entertainment on day and night under the Fremont Street canopy
• You’re surrounded by history when staying downtown

If you truly want a unique visitor experience, the Downtowner Boutique Hotel is the place to stay in downtown Las Vegas. Call us today at (702) 553-2553 to book your room for your next visit.

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