Were you one of many millions of Americans that resolved to eat healthier for your new year’s resolution? How’s that going? If you got lost in a chocolate coma the day after Valentine’s chocolate sales, fear not. Start again on track to getting your summer body by venturing downtown for some healthy eats. Check out some of the best places to eat guilt free when you feel like going out for some grub.

Downtown Las Vegas Healthy Eats

Simply Pure

Located in Downtown Container Park, Simply Pure offers raw and vegan options so good, you won’t even miss the meat. Try their sampler platters, which offer mouthwatering options like nachos, jicama chili fries, spring rolls, raw tacos and vegan chicken salad wraps.

Chef Stacey Dougan hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and after she overcame numerous health issues decided to inspire others with a plant based menu that still has treats like chili fries. Simply Pure also offers a raw salad bar, desserts and many fresh pressed juices.

simply pure nachos


With a menu that’s 100 percent plant based, you can’t feel guilty chowing on any of the dishes at Vegenation. An eco-conscious business, their dishes feature locally grown fruits, veggies and herbs. Vegan Chef Donald Lemperle supports locals farms and gives back to his community with delicious dishes. After a cancer diagnosis, he completely changed his lifestyle, beginning with a plant-based diet.

Chow on their pizza, the “Fruit Loop Salad,” “Ellen Degeneres Tacos” or the “Pho-King Delicious” vietnamese soup. And even if you’re not feeling munchy, get your drunk on while getting in some nutrients, too. Their “juicetails,” are fresh pressed juices with locally distilled liquor.


Get Your Green On

Try out a vegan restaurant and discover just how much you like veggies when they’re made in a creative and delicious way. You’ll get back on track with your fitness goals without feeling the least bit deprived. Strike now this spring and summer while the best fruits and veggies are in season!

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