Jump on the chance to see the Life Cube in Downtown Las Vegas before they burn it down Saturday, April 2.

life cube art

Photo courtesy of Erik Verduzco of the Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Life Cube Project creates an interactive art installation for anyone to enjoy. Symbolizing community and dreams, participants are encouraged to write their goals, dreams, wishes and hopes on the large cube. Based on the belief that when you write down what you desire, your chance of getting your wish or acting out your desire becomes much more plausible.


In 2014, Life Cube was brought to Downtown Las Vegas by a team of artists who also participate at Burning Man, an annual event held in Black Rock desert that celebrates, music, life and art. This year’s life cube was erected on 9th Street and Fremont Street in the Llama Parking Lot.


People of all ages are encouraged to come see the cube and write down their dreams. On Saturday, April 2, the Life Cube will be set ablaze at 8 p.m. But don’t think of it as your dreams going up in flames. Instead, the artists think of it in a positive way. “It’s a truly powerful moment to see the community’s thousands of wishes sent up together into the universe at the burn,” artist Scott Cohen said.


Participation and attendance are both free, and up to 20,000 people are expected to come by to share their wishes and watch the burn.


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