3 Reasons To Visit Container Park In Downtown Las Vegas

With a giant praying mantis that shoots flames from its antennae, you might think you were just transported into the midst of a horror flick when you visit Container Park in downtown Las Vegas. As the name implies, this shopping district was constructed entirely out of old shipping containers like the ones you’ve seen on cargo ships, trains, and truck trailers. These containers not only form the park’s perimeter, some are stacked end-to-end while others are stacked on top of one another. It is interesting to see the versatility of use of the containers.

If you’ve been looking for some unique places to visit in downtown Las Vegas, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Container Park is by far, the epitome of recycling and repurposing at its finest. Here are 3 of the best reasons (including the giant praying mantis to visit the park:

• The bars and restaurants – Container Park wouldn’t be a downtown area experience if there weren’t any bars. Furthermore, every restaurant is unique to this area and offers a broad range of menu items ranging from BBQ to tacos. One of the more popular places for sandwiches as well as cocktails and wine is Bin 702. Most visitors to the park agree that this is the place to go for a taste of Las Vegas in a brand-new light.

• The family-friendly environment – there was a time when the downtown area wasn’t the safest place to be after the sun went down, but that isn’t the case anymore. Despite the fact that Container Park is a part of the Las Vegas environment, you don’t have to worry about your children being exposed to any adult themes. One of the park’s biggest attractions is the Tree house, a place where kids can enjoy a 33-foot-tall slide, building blocks, and creativity-inducing games.

• The shops and stores – Container Park’s open-air shopping venue offers locals and visitors everything from apparel to home décor and then some. More importantly, it gives people an opportunity to support these local small businesses while at the same time enjoying and experiencing something that is purely Las Vegas and truly unique. Every shop in Container Park is owned, operated, and maintained by their owners in shipping containers that have been repurposed and put to good use in the process.

Container Park is located on Fremont Street only 0.2 miles (about a 3-minute walk) from the Downtowner Boutique Hotel (129 N. 8th St.). For a unique lodging experience, call us today at (702) 553-2553 and book your reservation for your next Las Vegas visit. A stay at our boutique hotel would be a comfortable experience, with personal attention and all modern amenities. Call now

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