5 Ways To Act Like A Local When Visiting Las Vegas

As a frequent visitor or tourist, excitement and spontaneity are what defines Las Vegas. However, you can an even better if you experience the town like the locals do. Doing so will enable you to see the city in a completely different light. There are fun crowds to mingle with, numerous restaurants to dine at, and plenty of memories to be made by taking the following advice:

• Explore the different foodie neighborhoods – granted, The Strip is dotted with many world-class restaurants. However, there are a number of other options for great dining in Las Vegas including the 18B Arts District, Chinatown, Downtown, Restaurant Road (nickname for Paradise Road), and Summerlin. Now you can experience great food and beverages without the hustle and bustle or the higher menu prices of The Strip.

• Get some culture – whether you’re a local or a tourist, getting some culture is easy thanks to the many Las Vegas entertainment venues. As a tourist, you’ll only see ads for the bigger shows. However, if you know where to look, you’ll find art galleries and murals in the Arts District and museums in Downtown Las Vegas.

• Join a Players Club – despite not being a local, frequent visitors often join a players club to take advantage of the benefits a membership provides. By signing up, you can earn points and enjoy saving money when you hit the casinos. Your valid photo ID is all you need to start earning points for the money spent on dining, entertainment, and gambling in numerous venues.

• Take a day trip – most tourists tend to stay in the city when visiting Las Vegas. But if you want to look like a local, why not do what many locals do. Leave town and take a day trip. There are several awesome destinations within two or three hours of the city that could make for an incredible road trip during your visit to Las Vegas.

• Venture out from The Strip – most visitors don’t realize that The Strip can be a huge tourist trap. That’s why you’ll rarely encounter many locals there throughout the day. Now’s the time to venture out from The Strip and enjoy the amenities and offerings of the Downtown area and its many surrounding areas. Spend a day museum hopping, visit the Arts District, or take a walk through the Springs Preserve.

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