5 Ways To Get Around The City When Visiting Las Vegas

Getting around in Las Vegas is essential, especially when you want to ensure seeing and doing everything you intended. From car rentals for out-of-town adventures to free tram rides, there are 5 transportation options for getting around in Las Vegas including:

• Monorail and trams – another option to consider for getting around Las Vegas are the monorail system and the numerous trams that operate throughout the day and night. Las Vegas trams are available at the Bellagio, City Center, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Park MGM, and Treasure Island. They’re great for getting around town if you don’t want to drive or walk. Best of all, they’re FREE!

• Rental cars – this is a transportation option to consider if your planning on taking day trips out of the city or just driving around town. However, if you’re just going to The Strip from Downtown and back, this might not be the best option. However, it does provide more opportunities to explore the city and many surrounding areas.

• Ridesharing – with Lyft and Uber being two transportation options, getting around in Las Vegas has become considerably more convenient. Just tap on your smartphone to reserve your rideshare option. From a regular rideshare venue to a luxury ride with climate control and conversation levels, you can customize your experience. Best of all, it’s a great transportation option to have in Las Vegas, especially if you’re going to be out on the town partying all night.

• Taxis – in other cities, the use of cabs or taxis has decreased dramatically since the introduction of Lyft, Uber, and other ridesharing options. However, that’s not the case in Las Vegas. As a decent alternative to ridesharing, taxis are still a relatively common option, especially if you’re going to be waiting too long for a rideshare option. Harry Reid International Airport and many hotels will usually have taxis waiting for you.

• Walking – finally, if you’re looking for a transportation option that is not only FREE, but is also a healthy alternative to the others above, walking around the city is one of the best ways to explore Las Vegas, provided your up for trekking around on foot. You can take in everything Vegas has to offer. Just make sure you stay hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen if you’re planning on walking during the day.

No matter which transportation option you choose, you’ll always get a good night’s rest when staying at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel. Call us today at (702) 553-2553 for more information about getting around in Las Vegas. And if you are looking to stay with us, we can assure you of the best service. Contact us today to book with us.

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