6 Reasons We Believe Downtown Las Vegas Has It All

For first-time Vegas visitors, it’s usually all about The Strip while Downtown Las Vegas gets overlooked and is somewhat an unknown entity. The glitz and glamor at The Strip are usually portrayed as the only thing to do and see in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, by not staying in the downtown area and exploring what it has to offer, you really have no idea what you’re missing out on. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why we believe Downtown Las Vegas has it all:

• Downtown Las Vegas in general – long considered “old-school” Las Vegas (in our eyes, it still is) the downtown area has evolved into a brilliant mix of modern and retro Las Vegas. It’s home to some of the oldest hotels and casinos in the city. Furthermore, Downtown Las Vegas has an unparalleled party atmosphere.

• The casinos – is gambling your thing? Downtown Las Vegas casinos are all in close proximity to one another, meaning you can easily participate in a casino-crawl through all 12 of them located here. Best of all, Downtown’s casinos are best known for more frequent payouts and lower table fees.

• The dining venues – Downtown isn’t just about the casinos and the entertainment. It’s about the many dining venues as well. From BBQ to tomahawk steaks, hot dogs to tacos, and just about everything else in between, Downtown Las Vegas has the global cuisine scene covered.

• The entertainment – when it comes to entertainment in the downtown area, you won’t be disappointed. Despite its reputation for being a gambler’s mecca, you’d be surprised at the range of entertainment options that are available, especially when it comes to live shows with well-known local and national celebrities. Fremont Street is a hub of live music and non-stop entertainment in the area.

• The geography – situated slightly north of the center of The Strip, the downtown area is located about a 10–15-minute taxi away, depending on traffic. You have other options where transportation is concerned by the way such as the Deuce Bus and shuttle buses as well as Lyft and Uber.

• The Downtowner Boutique Hotel – no trip to Downtown Las Vegas would be complete without the right lodging for spending your nights and relaxing in comfort after your daily adventures around the area. Our facilities are conveniently located within easy reach of casinos, entertainment venues, restaurants. We feature express check-in/check-out, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, laundry service, luggage storage, and vending machines in a newly-remodeled, mid-century modern setting in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

For more information about our services or to make your reservation in advance, call the Downtowner Boutique Hotel today at (702) 533-2553.

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