Benefits of Staying In A Boutique Hotel In Downtown Las Vegas

In today’s society, we face innumerable options for the things we like or want to do. Choosing overnight accommodations when visiting Las Vegas is no exception where this is concerned. When you consider everything from Airbnb to VRBO, it’s no wonder why the broad range of choices can be overwhelming. But for those of you who are searching for a more unique experience, staying at a boutique hotel is oftentimes the ideal solution to your dilemma. Here are 6 benefits to explain why this is true:

• Additional amenities and superior service – from the minute you pull into our parking lot, you’ll feel the uniqueness of being treated to more personalized service. Our staff will treat you like a star and provide specialized touches upon your arrival. Our high-end bath products and luxury bedding are just two of many perks that separate us from our competitors.

• Attention to the slightest detail – every aspect of our hotel has the guest’s best interests in mind in order to provide you with an exceptionally unique experience. In addition to our high-end amenities, superior service, and unconventional design, we have implemented eco-friendly practices throughout our property. In so doing, our environmentally conscious guests will be assured of leaving a smaller carbon footprint during their visit.

• Cuisine to die for – we are located in close proximity to a number of fabulous bars, nightclubs, and restaurants including:

o Corduroy
o Downtown Terrace
o Inspire
o Oak and Ivy
o Oasis at Gold Spike
o The Goodwich
o The Smashed Pig

• Whether you want to dance the night away, dine out, or just sip a hand-crafted cocktail, you’re sure to have a memorable experience when staying in downtown Las Vegas at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel.

• Location, location, location – whether they’re situated in fashionable urban areas or up and coming neighborhoods, boutique hotels are usually found in prime locations. For example, we’re located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on North 8th Street just off the intersection of East Fremont Street and Las Vegas Blvd. North.

• Unique style – goodbye beige and boring, hello beautiful and vibrant. Boutique hotels have ditched the bland cookie cutter design for an individual sense of personality and unique style. At the Downtowner Boutique Hotel, our theme is what separates us from other types of lodging and is reflected in all facets of our operation including our incredibly comfortable and inviting guest rooms.

For more information about our hotel or to book your reservation, call the Downtowner Boutique Hotel, call us today at (702) 553-2553. We be happy to have you stay with us and enjoy a memorable vacation. Call now.

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