Natalie Young of “Eat” (a hip and successful downtown restaurant) has recently opened a second restaurant called “Chow.” As a fusion of Chinese and southern comfort food, you get what you would expect: a chicken and Chinese joint. While it might sound strange, it actually makes a lot of sense. Many popular American Chinese dishes feature fried chicken. Sweet and Sour, Orange Chicken, General Tso, you get the idea.


The appetizers feature the must have egg rolls, pot stickers, pho-style tofu and Southern-style chicken and rice soup. Entrees promise chicken as the star, with crispy thighs, general chow’s chicken, stir frys, and salads. Sides at Chow are mouthwatering with spicy coleslaw, sweet corn mini muffins, Chinese broccoli and Sriracha mac and cheese. Indulge in desserts like mama’s rice pudding, banana pudding, or “dirt” (Oreo) pudding. Chow also serves sweet tea, green tea, wine and beer.


Chow is located down the street from the Downtowner Motel on Fremont Street next to Writer’s Block. Take a look at their menu and hours on their website. Chow is just one of many great places to eat and explore in downtown Las Vegas.


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