Every year in January, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), an internationally successful electronics and technology convention, comes to Las Vegas so companies can debut their newest and upcoming technology and predict trends for the year.


Last year, the CES was reported as the largest in history, with over 3,500 exhibits and about 170,000 attendees. Many popular items include the latest smartphones, health trackers, televisions, gaming and robots.


This year from January 6 – 9, 2016, The Consumer Technology Association is hosting 3,600 companies. Automobile companies are showing off driverless technology, new camera and smartphones, extensive workout and fitness technology, like shoes that can count your steps, drones, robots and segways.


This morning, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made a keynote speech to announce that Netflix will now be available in 130 more countries. Hastings also shared statistics about Netflix, stating that the video streaming company serves 125 million hours a day to viewers. What’s more, in the last three months of 2015 viewers streamed 12 billion hours worth of video. That’s a lot of people curling up in front of the TV on winter break!


Immersive entertainment is also making a statement on the show floor this year. Virtual reality gaming via 4K Ultra High Definition products instantly change your reality and you’re thrown into a live action game without the motion sickness.


No matter what gadget or robot is on your wish list, chances are the newer, better version of it is being introduced right now at the convention.


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