Parking In Downtown Las Vegas Vs. On The Strip

If you’re headed to Las Vegas and staying at the Downtowner Boutique Hotel, you’ve probably decided spend some time here because of the entertainment, the food, and the gambling (of course). Naturally, you have concerns about the parking when going out on the town. One of the benefits of staying in the Downtown area versus on The Strip is that the parking is considerably less expensive and most facilities or lots are conveniently situated close to all of the “Old” Las Vegas action.

Here is some helpful information regarding your options for parking when taking in the action in Downtown Las Vegas:

• Downtown Container Park lot – only 0.1 mile from the Downtowner Boutique Hotel, this lot is located across the street from Container Park. Furthermore, you’ll be in walking distance from all Downtown Las Vegas area attractions, bars, and casinos. Parking is $3 per hour with a maximum 5-hour limit. The only drawback is that the lot is small and fills up quickly.

• Downtown Grand parking garage – centrally located in the heart of the downtown area, the Downtown Grand parking structure is located within walking distance of Downtown Container Park, Fremont East District, and the Fremont Street Mall. Rates for Monday through Thursday parking are as follows:

o First 2 hours – $6
o 2 to 4 hours – $8
o 4 to 8 hours – $10
o 8 to 24 hours – $12

• A flat rate of $15 per 24 hours is charged from Friday through Sunday.

• Garage Mahal on Fremont Street – as one of the newest additions to the Downtown landscape, the technology installed at Garage Mahal lets you know how many of the 982 parking spaces are available. If you’re planning on hanging out in the Downtown area, keep in mind that the parking rate here is $4 per hour.

• Neonopolis parking garage – situated on Fremont Street, Neonopolis is the home to Banger Brewing and the Heart Attack Grill. This underground facility offers plenty of parking and the rates are fairly reasonable – the first hour is FREE and $2 for the second hour. There is a flat rate of $8 for up to 24 hours.

• Valet parking – if you’ve visiting Downtown Las Vegas, valet parking is available at the Downtown Grand Hotel. As a non-hotel guest, your cost for valet parking will be $25. But if a big event is taking place downtown, you should anticipate paying more.

For more information or to book a room for your stay, call the Downtowner Boutique Hotel at (702) 553-2553 today. Our business representatives are here to assist you with your queries. Call now and enjoy a stay at a boutique hotel.

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