The Face of Downtown Las Vegas Is Changing

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a growing number of new bars and restaurants as well as new properties challenging The Strip as the best place to be when visiting Las Vegas. The city wouldn’t be the renowned city that it is if not for the downtown area and its legendary history. After the Golden Gate first opened its doors, the city became a popular destination. While the hotel remained open during prohibition and a gambling ban, a surge of underground bars opened up, many of which are still operating today.

Downtown Las Vegas Bars

One thing you’ll quickly discover about downtown Las Vegas is the number of bars in the area. No matter if you want to enjoy frozen cocktails or relax with a beer and watch sports, there’s something for every preference. No matter what type of bar you prefer, you’ll find it in downtown Las Vegas. There are literally dozens of bars to explore, some with outdoor patios and others with terrace seating. With so many bars to choose from, you’re bound to wind up at one of the best bars the downtown area has to offer. From delicious food and plenty of choice when it comes to drink, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants

Whether you’re a foodie or a casual dining aficionado, Las Vegas is a culinary paradise. With the abundance of world-famous chefs and kitchens throughout the city, visitors are sure to experience some outstanding meals. But during the past several years, we’ve seen a boom of restaurants crop up in the downtown area. Each one has something unique for their patrons, whether it’s the atmosphere, their interior, or their menu. Plus, each one brings an authentic vibe to the dining scene.

Downtown Las Vegas on a Budget

Interestingly enough, you don’t have to spend a fortune when visiting Las Vegas to enjoy your stay there. It’s really not that difficult when you consider that a little bit of budgeting and some advance planning is all that’s required. Thus, if you haven’t booked a hotel room yet, be sure you look for last-minute deals or other package deals that hotels typically offer.

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