What’s it Like to Live in Las Vegas?

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas locals don’t all live on the Strip. And we don’t all work on the Strip. Outside of the four mile boulevard of glitz and glam, Las Vegas is actually a normal urban city. If your daily routine doesn’t require you to drive up the Strip daily, it’s easy to forget that you live in America’s party capital.

What do Las Vegas locals do for fun?

“I almost never go to the Strip, unless family and friends are visiting and they want to go. When I moved here, I loved the idea of going to the Strip. But I realized that it’s just a maze of traffic, parking, walking in huge crowds and overpaying for food. I much prefer supporting small and local businesses in Downtown Las Vegas. We really enjoy taking visitors to Fremont Street and the Downtown Container Park.” — Ashlee H., resident for nine months.

“Downtown has a more welcoming feel, especially for locals. When you are on the Strip, you deal with a lot frustration you wouldn’t typically see on Fremont Street. I enjoy Downtown Las Vegas because it’s convenient, inexpensive and enjoyable for me and my friends.” — Anne E. R., resident for 21 years.

“As a local in Las Vegas, I enjoy spending my time and money in places that don’t cost an absurd amount of money. Downtown is great because I am still able to go out and experience the Vegas scene without spending too much money and still have fun.” — Katie W., lifetime local.

So in case you couldn’t tell, we’re trying to tell you how much locals love Downtown Las Vegas. And yes, there are decent motels near Fremont Street as well as other inexpensive room options in Downtown Las Vegas. If you eat, sleep and party on the Strip, you could rack up over $1,000 in one weekend on your credit card. You’ll feel like a tourist and limit yourself to one kind of vacation experience.

If you’re a seasoned traveller of Sin City but you’ve never stayed in Downtown Las Vegas before, give it a try. By staying at the Downtowner Motel, you can get a room for as little as $25 a night. Save your money for the libations and the gambling on Fremont Street where locals boast of the looser slots.

If you’re not a gambler and are looking for a new way to party in Las Vegas, downtown offers restaurants, bars, shopping, free concerts and movies and much more. Get a new kind of Vegas vacation planned and book your stay at the most affordable motel near Fremont Street.


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