Why Have Boutique Hotels Become So Successful?

As with any other business in the food and hospitality industry boutique hoteliers strive to achieve success. In order to accomplish that, boutique hotel owners must be able to answer 3 extremely important questions:

• What should we keep in mind when targeting success?
• How do we measure progress while pursuing success?
• How do we get there from here?

When success is the goal of the boutique hotel owner, there are 3 specific areas that they remain focused on:

• Building a distinct brand and identity – a strong story and visual identity are two elements that enable boutique hotels to compete with the larger chain hotels.

• Understanding the market and reaching the ideal guest – knowing the type of guests to target is essential when boutique hotel owners are pursuing success.

• Providing a delightful guest experience – when guests are happy and satisfied with their boutique hotel experience, they will post glowing reviews online and be more inclined to stay at that hotel again.

As stated above, the first step in the pursuit of success is the establishment of a brand and identity. Once this has been achieved, boutique hotel owners can reach their target audience and ensure their guests have an exceptional experience during their stay. With a touch of personal service to win the customers over, boutique hotels go that extra mile to ensure that your stay is happy and you were satisfied.

Must-have Features of a Successful Boutique Hotel

One of the biggest selling points for prospective boutique hotel guests is the amenities and features offered. While they typically provide many of the same amenities and features that chain hotels offer, they’ll also include additional “boutique” features that help them stand out among their competitors. What you have come to expect from the larger chain hotels, you can now find in a boutique hotel including:

• beverage and dining options
• clean rooms
• comfortable beds
• discounts, incentives, and loyalty reward programs
• group activities
• in-room technology such as FREE WiFi and app-based customer service
• professional looking website
• quality furniture
• streamlined booking and check-in

The more creative and personalized these features are, the more delightful your guest experience will be.

What has made Us one of the Top Boutique Hotels in Las Vegas?

When you’re searching for the right Las Vegas boutique hotel, here are 5 reasons that you should consider us first:

• Our interior décor is the perfect blend of comfort, design, and style.
• Our rooms feature more charm, intimacy, and personality.
• We are locally owned and managed.
• We offer more personalized services than chain hotels.
• You’ll have an authentic yet unique guest experience.

To learn more or to book your reservation in advance, call the Downtowner Boutique Hotel today at (702) 553-2553.

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