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Visit the Life Cube Project in Downtown Las Vegas

Jump on the chance to see the Life Cube in Downtown Las Vegas before they burn it down Saturday, April 2. Photo courtesy of Erik Verduzco of the Las Vegas Review-Journal The Life Cube Project creates an interactive art installation for anyone to enjoy. Symbolizing community and dreams, participants are encouraged to write their goals,…

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Crazy Ways to Tour Downtown Las Vegas

Need to break free from conventional vacationing? Do you hate walking? We’ve got a solution for you. Downtown Las Vegas offers a few cool ways to see the Arts District and Fremont Street area that will make you forget the hot summer heat of the Vegas desert and allow you to enjoy touring downtown in…

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Eat Healthy in Downtown Las Vegas

Were you one of many millions of Americans that resolved to eat healthier for your new year’s resolution? How’s that going? If you got lost in a chocolate coma the day after Valentine’s chocolate sales, fear not. Start again on track to getting your summer body by venturing downtown for some healthy eats. Check out…

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Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Las Vegas

If caffeine is your only reason to get out of bed in the morning, sleep in Downtown Las Vegas so you don’t have far to go for the best coffee around. Downtown (or DTLV as the locals lovingly call it) has become a new cultural hub for music, art and the liquid gold we call…

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Splurge on Fun, Not Money in Downtown Las Vegas

There’s no reason not to spend your hard earned vacation hours on a trip to Downtown Las Vegas. You’ll experience all the things you love about Sin City—the gambling, food, the lights—as well as a more authentic, downsized experience that will help you see past the glitz and glam facade and into the real people…

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Read Reviews of Downtowner Motel in Las Vegas

As a motel near Fremont Street, Downtowner Motel patrons have immediate access to the many highlights of Downtown Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on offering great service at a low cost. Rooms start as low as $25 a night, meaning if you’re on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Downtown Las Vegas as a whole…

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A Las Vegas Valentine’s Weekend (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Las Vegas Boulevard is sure to have sky high pricing for Valentine’s weekend. After all, Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world. While known for the ease in obtaining marriage licenses and vow renewals, Las Vegas jacks up hotel prices and other accommodations when an event or holiday shows on the calendar. If…

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Downtowner Motel Front Day View

The Cheapest Vacation to Downtown Las Vegas

The cash isn’t always flowing, especially after the winter holidays. But, you still deserve a vacation every now and then. Most people line their pockets with cash when they think of visiting Las Vegas, preparing to spend outrageous amounts for a room, food and gambling. But, what if there was another way? Prepare yourself to…

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What’s it Like to Live in Las Vegas?

Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas locals don’t all live on the Strip. And we don’t all work on the Strip. Outside of the four mile boulevard of glitz and glam, Las Vegas is actually a normal urban city. If your daily routine doesn’t require you to drive up the Strip daily, it’s easy to…

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Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is in Full Swing

Every year in January, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), an internationally successful electronics and technology convention, comes to Las Vegas so companies can debut their newest and upcoming technology and predict trends for the year.   Last year, the CES was reported as the largest in history, with over 3,500 exhibits and about 170,000 attendees….

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